Every Woman Has A Story.

J. M. Polynice has the innate ability to tell a woman’s unique story. The story of the new bride wishing to preserve her beauty and remind her lover of the reasons he chose her. The testimony of the mother, who for the past ten years has had a child on her hip but who realizes that those days are fleeting memories as the eldest heads to high school. The account of a grandmother who has witnessed the birth of four generations of her legacy and is brought to tears by the sight of the fifth.

Because Every Image Tells A Story.

With Jeanette, you’re receiving more than her 10 years of photography experience, you’re receiving the preservation of milestones. Pieces of art meant to be shared with generations to come. The preservation of your legacy. The reminder of your beauty. Your accomplishments. Your personal story. 

"Making beautiful portraits to document a woman's life is a privilege and an honor.  As mothers, as daughters, as personifications of grace, confidence, and strength - it is our duty to etch our existence into history, for ourselves and for our loved ones.  Having portraits made is a selfless act and I would love to help you tell your life's story through beautiful, timeless photographs."

Current Influences

Psalm 116:2

William Morris Hunt's paintings

Duane Michals' sequences

Urban Flora by Alina Baraz

Ellie Cashman's Still Life with Shadows Blue

Rog & Bee Walker


Deborah Turbeville's photography

 Frédéric Forest's drawings

Pantone 432

Autumn Music 2 by Max Richter

Coffees with floral undertones

The coastline of the Pacific Northwest

Romina Shama

Gustav Klimt's drawings