A Malibu Sunset Engagement

“He looked at her the way she needed to be looked at

like the whole world could crumble and he wouldn’t blink.”


Jordan Olivia & Her Boys - A Short Film

For years I’ve wanted to create short films to accompany my portrait sessions, a moving story to accentuate the photographs. Ones with little voices and subtle gestures that freeze time. This is my first film and even with its flaws, I love it. I hope that it is a moving gift to the mother of these beautiful babies, something they can look back on together for years to come. Something that forever etches this season in her life into her narrative.

Malibu Family Portraits at Sunset

I believe the fog that is motherhood exists in the expanse of perplexity and euphoria. A whirlwind of divergent emotions that lean into each other and somehow feel as though they cannot exist apart. The weariness and strength, the disquiet and peace, the blur and clarity, the sorrow and joy. As a mother, I now feel every emotion amplified and there is no other way I want to live.

These portraits of Jordan and her babies perfectly captured what motherhood feels like to me.