Little Paxton Evie

There's nothing quite like a home family session.  The ease at which everyone moves about is rooted in the comfort of the familiar and it manifests in the photographs.  Newborns change so fast, I feel blessed to have been able to document this beautiful time in Paxton's family's life.

|  Los Angeles, California  |

The BROWN Family

I love documenting families at home.   They forgo dressing up & cleaning up for genuine interaction.  As the saying goes, "We love how we want to be loved."  I photograph the way I want to be photographed.  

|  Inglewood, California  |

The jackson Family

A true family of artists.  The music, the paintings, the energy, the warmth - as an outsider walking into their home, I was moved by it all almost immediately.  I feel like in documenting the Jackson's, what resulted was a series of photographs I can only describe as   Soulful Joy.  There's no better way to put it.

|  Los Angeles, California  |