A tender marauder
The most beautiful dichotomy I’ve known
You take my breath so sweetly that I long to gasp for air
— j.m. polynice

(nothing) reMains

by  j.m. polynice

I want you until there’s nothing left of you.  Until your wholeness has fallen to pieces, until those pieces fade to dust.  You’ll let the wind carry you across oceans and time to greet me, desperate to take solace in the lining of my skin.  Your whispers will echo in my lungs; I will exhale in rhythm with every breath you take.  As the clouds part to herald the stars, you’ll think of how my lips part softly when pressed against your ear.  The warmth of each breath I take commands you to name each star after me.  When the heaviness between us seduces me to slumber, your restless eyes will close at once.  I want you until there’s nothing left of you. Until you are me and I am you and we just


Blood will course through your veins with the force of the sea pounding the shores, a feeling so real you’ll taste salt on your lips.
— j.m. polynice


by  j.m. polynice

Bitten lips the shade of Merlot that stained our silken sheets
Sweat glistens on quivering limbs in the hue of a sky that weeps

Softly tinted nails excavate the flesh along your spine
Veiled eyes retreat in praise as we turn water to wine

Heavy breathing picks up pace, beckoning the gods below
Ascending at once by the fumes of our sighs and I promise

I won't




The Longing

by  j.m. polynice

Raindrops surrendering to humble introductions on weathered windowpanes
Choreographed ensembles of light and dew adorning your terrain

Whispers drift into the air and linger on my skin
Promising to trace impressions where your lips have been

Vessels of leaf-stained potions abandoned for pursuits deprived of words
To get to know each other the way the oceans know the shores

Laying hands on dampened limbs, tempting bellied sighs
Pleading just to breathe for you
'til there's no you,

nor I


A Mother's Soliloquy

| For my Ellis |

by  j.m. polynice

A sterile room silenced
The longing, a heavy cloak
Broken by a falsetto
Exclaiming that you woke.

A drunken slumber on your mother's bosom
Amidst euphoric haze
A slow and willful gummy smile
Aroused by your father's gaze.

Sinking toes in dewy shores
The azure sea, your kingdom
An analog chronicle of all your firsts
Your eager thrusts towards freedom.

Unscripted days eternalized
On cotton, soft and pure
Painted definitely in your likeness
Your legacy, a visual score.

For we'll never cease perpetuating you
Your life has made us whole
Our hearts are full forevermore
You're loved more than you know.

Stares that sojourn, souls that yearn.
— j.m. polynice

So Have I For You

by  j.m. polynice

Coursing rivers fall still at your feet
Nightingales rejoice as if on cue
To warm your skin, the sun longs to rise
And so have I for you

Mermaids drift to speckled shores
Cloaked in the deepest blue
To be captives to your rhythmic ebb
And so have I for you

Flowers make promises to the wind
With petals bathed in dew
To perfume the very air you breathe

And so have I for you

Fingertips on silken threads, tresses dusting her skin.
— j.m. polynice

on photographing the beholden

by  j.m. polynice

The soft flickering of gold

Dancing flirtatiously from wax

Petals sway in bated breath

The harmonious lull of a room in wait

A   Q U I E T   G A Z E   T H R O U G H   G L A S S

Sure hands claim cheeks wet with joy

Crisp suit to grandmother’s lace

A password exchanged for a delicate kiss

The percussive rhythm of praise

C l i c k